Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Can I give him my shoes?

So, obviously we are super excited about our adoption!  Can you tell?  It's something we talk about everyday now.  Crew is already a part of our family.....Kyler has asked several times, "When will Crew get here?"  One afternoon I was working on the dossier paperwork and Kyler was in the office with me.  He looked at one of the pictures of Crew that is on our computer and he said, "Why does he look sad?", so I said, "Because he doesn't have a mommy or daddy!"  Kyler kept looking at the picture, and upon noticing that Crew did not have shoes on, he said, "Can I give him some of my shoes?"  I said, "Yes!  And we will buy him new shoes, too!"  Kyler smiled big!  I think he already really likes being a big brother!  It's good to think about someone else, other than just ourselves!  Even at 4.

So, it seems like this journey is going fast, but it is a process, and we will just have to keep trusting God and HIS timing!  We have our homestudy paperwork completed, and our dossier paperwork is just about ready to be mailed to Ethiopia.  Another step.

We watched the movie The Blindside the other night!  I couldn't help but tear up several times watching as the mom (Sandra Bullock) loved-on "big Mike/Michael" and they gave him something he never had....a home and a family!  And then my sister, Wendi, posted pictures of her new family with their 3 new kids from Ethiopia (while they were in Ethiopia for their court date)!  They are all BEAMING in the picture!!  Beyond precious!!!  I can hardly wait for our family picture to be taken with our little Crew.  Who would've imagined?  God!

If you would like to support our journey, and also get a neat t-shirt, there is a place on this blog website to click on Paypal to order our "Crew t-shirt".  They are $20 each and they say "Be a part of our CREW".  We appreciate all the support and love that has already been extended to us!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH FRIENDS!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Be a part of our CREW

So our journey has begun!!!  We had our first "at our home" homestudy meeting today...the whole family.  It was good!!  Our journey actually started before today.  We've had adoption on our hearts for awhile.  In fact, I really can't remember exactly when we first started thinking about it, but it's been several years ago.  But it was when Kyler was born, our big surprise child, that really made us start thinking about it again.  And then when my sister and her family began their adoption journey, we knew.  I am amazed how God can open our hearts to things we never imagined for ourselves!!  Things that we look at in other's people's lives....and we think it's cool and good....but then it hits you.....I'm supposed to do that!  It's awesome!!!  We are on an adventure, a ride, a journey...that I don't think we will ever get off of!!  We are beyond thrilled that God has called us to this.  I am in awe.  And I like it!  I have seen God in more ways than I expected.  Here we goooooo...and I hope you come along with us!