Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I want to see the big picture!

I'm trying to see the big picture.  I'll be honest here.....I've gone back and forth with feeling sad, mad, both at the same time....frustrated!!  I am angry!!  I think it is righteous anger.  I'm mad at "them".  But then I am reminded to love my enemies and to pray for them!  Okay, I can do that!!  "God, please let them be struck by lightning!"  OOPS!!  Not what God intended when he said to pray for them. Okay, I'll try again later!!

Right now I am really trying to understand why we can't bring home this little orphan boy, who has lived his entire life in an orphanage, without a family, without a name, without a momma!  Why isn't this easy?  It should be easy!!  He should be here now!!!  We filled out the papers, we paid the fees, we even made the t-shirts!!!  Why do we have these road blocks?  Is there a lesson here for me?  For my family?  For the people around us?  What does God want me to see?

Just a little bit ago when I was driving home from taking Kyler to preschool this came to me!  I see this:  Crew is an orphan that I want to bring here and give a home!  A new life!  A family!  A bed!  Clothing and food and shelter!!  LOVE!!  All these good things!!  But there is a "distraction" that is stopping Crew from getting here, even though this would be better!!  This would be so much better for him!!  I see this.....God sent His Son to die for me.  For you.  Each one of us.  Even if you were the only one....He still would do it!  He wants to give us a home!  New life!  LOVE!  I see that we get distracted by things of this world, sometimes by people, or influences that turn our hearts and minds away from God, or the love of stuff or fame, or sometimes just so we can have "fun"......and by choosing to set our hearts on those things, those "distractions", there is a chance of missing God and his abundant plan for us, and for some, it may mean missing out on eternal LIFE with God, even though that is BETTER!!  I see the big picture.  I see how Christ adopted me......how could I not respond to that?  Why would I not want what is better?  How can you not respond to that?  Is it better to remain an orphan?  You decide!!

Don't stay in the orphanage, people!!!  Go to the One who LOVES you and will give you ETERNAL LIFE and a FOREVER FAMILY!!!  You have a choice!!  Crew doesn't!!  Please pray with us that God will remove the road blocks and bring our son home!!  He is our son!!  We are gonna fight for him!!  Afterall,  his name is CREW DAWIT CODER.  



Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It feels like I'm wayyy past my water breaking....

I really do relate this whole process to being pregnant.  Many of the stages are the same.....without the weight gain!  The decision to go for it!!  The morning sickness (or all that paperwork, which can really make you feel sick!!!).  Seeing the pictures for the first time, kinda like a sonogram!!  (It's a boy!!!!)  The "getting ready for baby" part, by getting the room ready and all the new little clothes hung up!!  And then that point where you know you are just so ready....you'll do anything and go through anything to just get him here (with or without an epidural....or fly across the world to bring him home!  Whatever it takes!).  We are going on month 10.  We thought it would be 7...maybe 8 months.  It's time!!!  Now waiting is getting really hard!  Especially after spending the week with our little guy in July.  He should be here.  We will continue to trust God and His timing.  We have to!!  We know He has a plan.  He's working out the details now.  We wait.  Thank you for all the prayers during this time.  We are sure gonna celebrate when Crew gets home!!  Are you ready to PAR-TAY?  It's gonna be soon!  It has to be!!