Thursday, December 22, 2011


Can you believe it?  In less than a week, Lord willing, Crew and I will be stepping off a plane onto American soil.  CREW WILL BE HOME!!!  Yep, that is right....CREW WILL BE HOME!!!  HE WILL HAVE A HOME!!  HA!  I can't even believe it myself!!  After all the ups and downs of our adoption journey, it's almost over and Crew will finally be a part of our family forever!  It has been a year, exactly!  In fact, a sweet friend of mine reminded me that on December 28, 2010 was my first blog, "Be a part of our Crew; So our journey begins!".  To the day, December 28, 2011, Crew will be in Oklahoma!!  Pretty cool!!  Pretty GOD!

This whole experience has brought my entire family closer to God.  It has truly given us new eyes to see.....we look for opportunity to help those in need and to look less at ourselves!  It has truly given us new ears to many are crying out, yet so many just listen to themselves and never really listen to others!  It has truly given us new always try to encourage and lift up others, because you never know what someone is going through!  It has truly given us new many people just want to be loved, so we, the body of Christ, are the ones to do that!!!  When I started seeing these changes in my kids, I was amazed!  I never knew we would be the ones changed by this adoption!  I knew we were bringing a homeless child into a world he would never have otherwise, but I didn't expect it to actually make US different!  But God has molded us through this; and I see more of Him in my home.  I am thankful!!  I am grateful!!  To be more like Christ is the ultimate goal.  That is who I want to be like!  That is who I want my kids to be like!  "For I have no greater joy than to know that my children are walking in the Truth!" 3 John 1:4 

So, on Christmas day, I will get on a plane.  When I land in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia I will go get my little son!   Then, we will get on a plane together and fly HOME. We will be home SOON!  I don't know if Crew Dawit Coder is ready for us, but we are ready for him!!!!  WELCOME HOME, CREW!!!!  And THANK YOU, LITTLE BUDDY!!  Because of YOU, we are better!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

No matter what's all good!

Truly....I mean that!!  No matter what happens this matter what their reply is to our plea for Crew to be cleared for a visa.....I KNOW GOD WILL MAKE GOOD COME FROM THIS!!  He already has!!

Already, we have fallen in love with a little boy that had no one.  NO ONE!  That is one less orphan in the world!  Now he has us, no matter what!!  That is good!!

Already, 2 other families that we know have chosen to adopt...not one, but TWO boys each!!  That is 4 less orphans in the world.  Both of those families have already passed court in Ethiopia and will bring those boys home to forever families soon!!  That is good!!

Already, both my girls, college age, have decided to go on not just one....not just two....but THREE mission trips to show the love of Christ to children that do not have anything!  My girls have seen how important it is to truly demonstrate the love of God to others; not by merely saying they do, but by showing they do!  They have both said they do not want a penny from us for these trips.  They know we have had many expenses with the adoption fees and the travel, etc.  They are using their own money that they have saved, they are both working jobs to raise money, and they both are sending out support letters asking if anyone wants to partner with them in financial support and prayer.  They want to share God's love in a tangible way!  They know God will provide! That is good!!

Already, my 5 year old wants to teach Crew how to build legos, play ball and jump on the trampoline!!  He already talks about "When Crew is here....".  He already sees that color doesn't matter.  It's the heart!!  That is good!!

Already, all of my kids have said, "Mom, we do not need a big Christmas!  We are fine!  We have plenty!"  Enough said!  That is good!!

Already, we have made some lifetime friendships through the adoption community!  Friends that we would have never met had we not taken this step of faith!  Friends that I just cannot imagine not having in my life now.  And even some of the friendships I had before have grown stronger through this bond we now share in our hearts!!   That is good!!

Already, my faith is stronger!!  Even when things have not gone the way I would want them to go....I trust God!!  I believe satan is trying to stop adoption!  It is the very picture of how Christ adopted us, so satan hates it!  But God promises good will come!  And it has!!  And it will continue!!  That is good!!

PLEASE PRAY!!  We were given an RFE a few weeks ago.  This means REQUEST FOR FURTHER EVIDENCE.  We have to PROVE that Crew is an orphan!  I know...seems ridiculous....but it is what it is and we just had to take more steps!!  We have submitted our response to the USCIS.  It should arrive in the morning (Rome time), which is about anytime now!  We are asking for PRAYER for FAVOR..... For SOFTENED HEARTS....  That satan will NOT have his way.... That Crew will be allowed to get a visa from the US Government and COME HOME!!!

Did I ever think I would have to FIGHT for this orphan?  Not in a million years!!  Would I do it all over again?  YES!!!!  He is worth it to me!!  Just like any one of my other 4 kids, I would do anything to save them!!  Crew deserves a family!!  I love that kid!!  The shepherd left the 99 to go get the one....Crew is that one!!!   We will not stop until he is home!!!


It's all good!!!  God sees us!  God hears us!! God holds us!!!