Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's just a matter of time!

Well,  I keep coming back to my computer to check my emails.....about 20 times per day.  Okay....probably more!!  We are waiting for that last email from our agency saying, "IT'S TIME!!!  GO GET CREW AND BRING HIM HOME!!!"  Now that we've met him, it seems a bit harder waiting.  I just want him home now!

A lady who was in Ethiopia while we were there for our court date (and she and her husband were there for their court date on the same day) is now in Ethiopia for her Embassy date and picking up their daughter. While at the transition house/orphanage, she took the time to take this picture of Crew for us.

Seeing that cute face and that big smile.....oh my!!!  He is just so precious to us!! And THANK YOU, Amy, for thinking of us and sending that!!  It made my day!!!

So, this short blog is really mainly to ask for prayers for the process to speed up!!  I know that God's timing is by far better than mine...I do know that....but we are soo close to having him home.  I think we are in the "pushing" stages of labor.  Not the most fun part, but so close to the grand finale.....and I know it's worth it!!!  PUSH!!!!!!  ALMOST HERE!!!!  LOL!!  Pray for me to be patient!!  :)

ALSO, this is the last order for the red CREW shirts, so if anyone wants to "be a part of our Crew" by ordering one, let me know before morning!!!   They are $20 and you can pay on this blog and I can mail to you! THANKS SO MUCH!!  It means a lot to us!

This journey has been like nothing else!! Thanks for being a part of our Crew!!