Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It feels like I'm wayyy past my water breaking....

I really do relate this whole process to being pregnant.  Many of the stages are the same.....without the weight gain!  The decision to go for it!!  The morning sickness (or all that paperwork, which can really make you feel sick!!!).  Seeing the pictures for the first time, kinda like a sonogram!!  (It's a boy!!!!)  The "getting ready for baby" part, by getting the room ready and all the new little clothes hung up!!  And then that point where you know you are just so'll do anything and go through anything to just get him here (with or without an epidural....or fly across the world to bring him home!  Whatever it takes!).  We are going on month 10.  We thought it would be 7...maybe 8 months.  It's time!!!  Now waiting is getting really hard!  Especially after spending the week with our little guy in July.  He should be here.  We will continue to trust God and His timing.  We have to!!  We know He has a plan.  He's working out the details now.  We wait.  Thank you for all the prayers during this time.  We are sure gonna celebrate when Crew gets home!!  Are you ready to PAR-TAY?  It's gonna be soon!  It has to be!!



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