Wednesday, May 4, 2011

While I'm waiting....

Oh gosh, ya'll.  It's been such a smooth sailing ride...until now!!  We just can't get that stinkin' I-171-H form here (that we HAVE to have for our court date)!  As much as I've humanly tried, it is still not here!!  So, here is my conclusion:

I know that GOD IS GOD.  I know that GOD HAS A PLAN.  I know that HE LOVES CREW more than I do.  I even know that there are other children, PRECIOUS CHILDREN, in that same "line" at the USCIS office wanting to go HOME to their new FOREVER FAMILY that maybe need to be ahead of us.  So......I'm gonna MAKE MYSELF TRUST EVERY PART of GOD.  Each delay must be for a reason.  Each set back....God has a bigger plan!!  And while I wait....I'm gonna pray for sweet CREW to be loved, to stay healthy, to be safe....and somehow know that he has a momma that REALLY wants to hug him and tuck him into bed at night that is PRAYING FOR HIM!

So, while I wait.....will you PRAY WITH ME?

"I will serve you while I'm waiting, I will worship while I'm waiting!"

xoxo!!  Debbi

P.S.  Click on this link....this is something that a friend shared with me!!  It brings me PEACE and makes me cry at the same time!!  But it's all GOOD because GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!!

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