Monday, November 7, 2011

Could this be THE WEEK?

A lot has been happening lately!!  It's been busy!!  Each thing, each activity, each day...makes me think of Crew!!  Even little things!  For instance, when Kyler is playing he will often say, "When Crew gets here, we can do this together!  I can teach him how!"  Okay!!  Precious!!  Kyler is 5 and already has such a heart for Crew!!  Then this past weekend we went to OU to visit Cassidi and Makenzi at college.  Our family went to watch Makenzi's University Sing performance and during the show I looked over at Kason and Kyler smiling and enjoying the acts and I thought, "Aww, Crew would have liked this, too!"  Even something as simple as the Christmas lights being put on the house this past week, I thought, "Wow!  What will Crew think when he finally gets here and sees all this!!"  He is already a part of us....our family!!

This week could be a week of GOOD NEWS for us and many other families!!  A team from the USCIS (immigration) in Kenya arrived in Ethiopia to review the cases at the US Embassy that have not been cleared yet!  These cases are the ones that are wayyyy overdue to be cleared!!  Our "case" (Crew) is in that group.  There is a very good chance that we will hear this week that they have finally cleared him!!  Today was their first day working there.  I woke up and the first thing I did was check my email.  It's something I've done each day for the past few months....about 50 times a day!  "Just MAYBE today they will clear us!!  Miracles do happen!!" has been my mindset for the past few months!!  FINALLY, this week could really be the miracle week!  They are there...right now!  They are going over the cases...right now!!   This has to be the week of hearing "COME GET HIM!"   Please, Lord!! PLEASE!!!

Yesterday was Orphan Sunday!  I wore one of my adoption t-shirts (I love them and wear them all the time!!).  I prayed for all the orphans that need a home...and food....and a family!  I prayed for eyes to be opened!  For hearts to melt when they see the faces of these precious little children who have nothing!!  For people to be blessed by being a part of adoption and to see it for what it really is!!!  If you haven't ever or in a while watched the video that inspired our family to adopt, watch it.  It's on my blog!  It's called "Depraved Indifference" by Eric Ludy!  It is life changing!

For those thinking and praying about adoption.....don't let anything stop you!!  If you wonder if you are called to are!!  It's biblical!!  Really!!  If it's money?  You have enough to feed and clothe another child.  You do!  Yes, you do!!  If paying for the adoption fees is stopping you....I'll help you with a fundraiser!!  We did that!  Adoption is expensive, especially when you have kids in college and driving!  But it's possible!!  Trust me...that's where we are!!  Does the process scare you?  The paperwork?  Well, there is a lot of paperwork, but it's one piece of paper at a time!  Is it hard?  Yes, it can be!  But so is pregnancy and labor!  That's part of it!!  It just makes it sweeter when it's all done and you have that new child to bless and be blessed!!!

Please join me today and each day and PRAY that this is the week these cases (children) are cleared and can finally be HOME with their new FOREVER FAMILY!!  Please also pray for the many orphans around the world that need someone to say, "I pick YOU!"  Change a life forever!!!  What is stopping you?




  1. Lifting up prayers of comfort, peace, and strength while you wait. Praying that Crew comes home THIS WEEK!!! He needs to come home!!

  2. Praying for your family! Can't wait to hear your good news soon! Blessings, Amy