Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My heart is full!!

Can I just tell you.....I am amazed!!  I am amazed how awesome the fundraiser was on Friday!!  WOW!!  My friends can sure throw a party!!  And add over 100 items for a silent auction and a few items for a live auction, and some money is to be raised!!!  Because of giving people, we were able to pay almost HALF of our adoption fees!!  THANK YOU!!!  And thank you so much to my precious friends for taking the time out of their busy lives to plan, organize, set up, take down, and on and on and on!!!  And the music....perfect!!  I do believe they will all have an extra jewel in their crown in heaven!!!  The night was perfect and so fun!!!

And to my friend that decided to post a "CREW t-shirt fundraiser" on fb today, which totally surprised me....that blessed me....sooo much!!  THANK YOU!!!

Today was the day we went to OKC for our fingerprinting!!  Ahhh, it's always such a relief to be one step closer!!  It worked out sooo good!!  Not only did Steve and I have to get our fingerprints, but so did our girls, since they are 18 and 19.....but all of us had different appointments to get them done (the computer just spits them out, so you take what you can get!)....in Oklahoma City.....and they are both students, so the timing wasn't real good for them on the dates they were given.  Thankfully, as we all arrived together on Steve's appointment day, with sweet smiles and lots of praying, they let us all use Steve's appointment and we all got our fingerprints done at the same time!!  I am sooo excited!!!  Now we are just waiting for our court date!!  I feel like we will get it any time now!!  I keep reminding myself that God's timing is perfect...so I feel very content waiting!!  I know it'll be exactly as it should be!!

Btw, a friend of ours just left Ethiopia and he was able to see Crew and take pictures (which I will see when he gets back).  There are no words to describe how special it is to me to know someone we know was with him to hug him, even if just for a little while.  We are able to send a gift bag to him this weekend with another friend going over.  She will not be able to see him, but will send the bag to him with our picture in it.  He is little, so he won't understand who we are, but I am so happy he will have a couple new toys and outfits from us!!  It makes me smile....I can already see the new toys going straight in his mouth!!  :)

My heart is full.....I'm thankful.....and eternal perspective is INcreDIblE!!  :)

Love ya'll!!  xoxo!!  Debbi

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