Monday, July 18, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane!

YAYYYY!!!  We are sooo excited!!  We finally got our NEW court date!!   We were not able to say much before, but our original court date was changed due to some things happening in Ethiopia.  It is still not all resolved, but we are thankful the judge is allowing us to come over for our court date!!  WE GET TO MEET CREW FACE TO FACE!!!  That little boy won't know what in the world is happening when we run up and grab him and hug him and squeeze him!!!  AHHHH!!  I can't wait!!

Originally I was not going to travel.  Just Steve was going to make the trip!  We made that decision based on a few things.  First, I didn't want to leave our other 4 kids.  We've traveled before without them, but not to Ethiopia!  Also, we still owe about half the expenses towards this adoption.  With 2 kids in college, 3 extra drivers (and cars) and a few extra little mouths to feed that we've picked up along the way (okay, BIG MOUTHS!!!), it's been a stretch for us.  HONESTLY, it's been a good stretch!!  This might just be the first time we've really had to practice FAITH!!  REAL FAITH!!  For many years, Steve's occupation was doing well!!  He's in Real Estate!  For the past several years, it has not been too great!!  And that happened to be the time God told us to GO GET A SON FROM ETHIOPIA!!  Who would've thunk it!! haha!!  But it's all gonna be good and we are trusting God to provide in all ways.....ALWAYS!!!  So we are both going to meet our little boy!!  Our new son!!  You know me.....I will post LOTS of pics on my fb (and I will post on here, too).

We leave this week and our court date is Monday, July 25.  PLEASE keep us in your prayers!!  AND IF YOU or YOUR BUSINESS would like to make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION towards our adoption of little CREW, please let me know!!  Maybe adoption isn't for you, but if something about this makes you feel happy and you want to be a part of our Crew, you can really help out by donating!!!




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