Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eternal Perspective!!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to Nashville to be at the airport when my sister's 3 kids (through adoption) from Ethiopia arrived HOME for the first time!  It was really amazing to see them get off that plane and jump for joy!!  Knowing they were HOME for GOOD is something I'm sure they could not have ever imagined!!  But they are home now!!  And it is a great thing!!  The smiles that day were priceless!!

Watching all of this take place caused quite the stirring in my heart!!  Not only did I meet my new nieces and nephew, but at an adoption fundraiser I was able to meet and see many other kids who had been adopted by families in the Nashville area.  These kids were precious!  A part of a family!  It was very cool to see all this before my eyes knowing we will have Crew in a short time!!  And it was AWESOME to get to talk to a couple of people who have actually held Crew and spent some time with him at the orphanage!!

I'm ready!  I'm ready for Crew to be at our home and living our daily life with us!  We will all have to adjust a little here and a little there.  Just like at my sister's house, it will take some time to get to "normal."  But that will happen, just as it does when bringing home a newborn.  It's all new!  I kept thinking, "had they NOT brought these kids into their lives.....where would these kids be in a few years?  Just a few days ago they were in an orphanage!  Now they are HOME with their FAMILY!"  Whew!!!  Simply wonderful!!  Hard?  Maybe for a time.  Worth it?  Yes!

Eternal perspective!!  Without it, everything is hopeless!!

Thanks for all your prayers and support!!!  xoxo!!  Debbi

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  1. It is so exciting that you got to be there upon their arrival!! What a fabulous experience. It's so sad when people don't realize that doing hard things for Christ is so worth it and the entire purpose for being here! When I read your sister and your stories it make my heart ache to have Jade and Dakota back in our family that would work to guide their little hearts to Christ. I think of the situation and just pray for God to wrap His protective arms around them and not allow them to be affected by the circumstances.