Thursday, April 7, 2011

YEP!! It's happening!!!

WE GOT OUR COURT DATE!!  Oh my goodness!!  AND a very special mom's 70th birthday!!  How sweet is that?  Thank you, God!!  And so funny that just this afternoon, my sister, Wendi, sent me an email and said, "I bet your court date is May 27th!".  We found out at 10:30 pm that it really is!!  YIPPEE!!!!  So, Steve will be heading out May 23rd to go meet our little Crew!!  I will stay home and hold down the fort!   It won't be long until our little guy is HOME with all of us!!  Very soon!!  It's's really happening!!  From being put in our hearts at Christmas time, to our court date on Nana's birthday, it's looking like Crew will be here for MY 45th BIRTHDAY!!  I don't think I could ask for a better gift!!!  THANK YOU GOD!!!  To be continued.......real soon!! :)




  1. yayyyyyyyyyyyyy, so excited...kristi

  2. What a blessing to be one step closer to adding a new little blessing to your family!!!! Can't wait!! You may add yours before we add ours!!