Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Here we are....just waiting for our homestudy report so we can send off our dossier (papers to Ethiopia).  This is definitely a learning experience in patience!!  But we know God's timing is the best timing.  FAITH!

As we wait, we have made our "Crew" t-shirts to help with our expenses AND to let some of you be a part of our journey that have wanted to share it with us!  THANK YOU!!  As I've been talking to people (as I've taken shirt orders and/or delivering t-shirts), I have had many conversations with friends that have totally surprised me.  Generally, it goes like this:  "We are so excited for you all and little Crew!  How much is it to adopt?"  I reply, "Our adoption is costing around $20,000."  Their reply, "We would love to adopt, but we just don't have that 'upfront' money!'"

You know, Steve and I had just been talking to a very good friend of ours about our adoption journey a few weeks ago and we all agreed, it is very expensive!!  So, what do people do that can't "come up with" that kind of money to pay for the fees and expenses?  I'll tell you what they do!  They don't adopt!  Even though their heart says "YES!", they can't!  If the money isn't there, they can't!  That's it!  That makes me sad!!  And we want to change that!!

So, we have partnered with that long-time friend we were talking to.  He is a wonderful man named Lonnie Rex.  Lonnie has been involved with ministry and mission work for many many years!  Not only is he the founder of the David Livingston Foundation, but also his ministry World Wide Compassion (a non-profit organization).  WWC has helped with orphanages, disaster relief and clinics in several Third World countries.

Steve and I want to bring little Crew home to us!!  We want to help others bring home their "little Crew", too!  We do not want to see money get in the way of giving a child a home, a family and a future, who otherwise would not have a chance for those things!!

We are asking anyone who reads this, to please consider donating to World Wide Compassion.  If you are a business/corporation that needs to make a contribution for tax benefits, please consider WWC.  If you know someone who you think would consider this opportunity, please pass this on to them!  God has opened our hearts to help people bring home a child from poverty into a home of hope!  "It is more blessed to give, than to receive."  Acts 20:35


In His Love,


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