Monday, January 10, 2011

I have another favorite!

You know...sometimes I joke around and say, "I'm God's favorite!"  Well, maybe it's not a joke.  Sometimes I really do feel like that!!  But I've heard Beth Moore say that, too, so I'm in good company! haha!!  It's nice to think sometimes you're the favorite!!!  And really, we are ALL God's favorite!  He chose us!!

I have said to my kids from time to time, "she's my favorite", or "you know he's my favorite!"  My kids know I love them all the same, (yet differently), so when I say that, we just laugh!  There's not any reason for them to feel "less loved" than another; they all know they are loved as much as I can possibly love them.  They feel it!  When I gave birth to my first child, Cassidi, it was hard to imagine loving another child as much!  But then along came Makenzi.  I love her as much!  Then came Kason.  Same love!  Then Kyler.  Boom!  LOVE!  It's hard to imagine, but it happens!!  Hello Crew!!  You are loved!!  I have 5 favorites!!  :)

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