Friday, January 7, 2011

I have butterflies today!!

I don't know why I have these silly butterflies in my tummy today, but I do.  I'm really excited, not at all nervous, about my individual homestudy meeting.  It will be my last one.  Steve goes on Monday for his.  I guess because we are getting so close to the end of our homestudy...which means I will be able to mail the dossier...which means, we will get a court date soon after...I'm just kinda giddy!!  That will be a great day!!  My family is so excited to get this little boy to our home; we feel like he is already in our, the family portrait over the mantle isn't even right anymore...someone is missing!!  Little Crew Dawit Coder.

Some of you have asked me questions lately that I guess I haven't shared with everyone.  I just feel like I have since I talk about him so much to anyone who will listen!! haha!!  So here is a little bit about Crew.  First, he is absolutely adorable!  He was abandoned as a baby, so we are not sure of his exact age, but probably between 18 months and 2 years old.  He is completely healthy. The agency director named him Dawit, which means David (after her husband. How sweet is that?!!).  We have decided to keep his Ethiopian name for his middle name. We feel blessed to have received baby pictures of him from the agency (a lot of adoptive parents don't get baby pictures, so we feel this is really cool!).  Several people that my sister knows (from her adoption journey) have met Crew in person (and even held him!! Awww!!!) and say he is just precious!!  I feel like he is just a miracle gift to us!  He was supposed to be adopted by another wonderful family, but that wasn't meant to be.  I feel like God was keeping him for us!!  And now that other family has adopted the children God had in store for them.  Amazing!!  God has a plan!!

Well, now it's time for me to head to my meeting....EEEkkkkk!!!  I feel like I just got asked on a first date or something!!! LOL!!!  I guess that's what LOVE does to you!!!  God's love!!!  :)

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