Wednesday, January 5, 2011

That's a lot of t-shirts!

Well, today I am feeling really blessed that 130 of you have purchased shirts to help support our adoption!  It makes me smile to think about seeing these t-shirts being worn by all of you, just out and about.  I picture myself running into one of you at Target and you having on the shirt that says, "Be a part of our Crew".  How cool is that?!!  :)

I feel like I'm not doing very much at this point to help get little Crew home....all the paperwork is done that I can do, and now we just wait for the homestudy to be complete so I can mail off the dossier.  Little Crew is sitting in an orphanage right now....and I find myself thinking about that a lot.  It's been really neat to be able to pray for him already.  He doesn't even know who we are, but yet he is being prayed for by name!  I have always prayed with each of my kids at bedtime (until they got to a certain age; then they started going to bed after me!!), but Kyler and I still pray together each night.  It's so sweet to pray for Crew.  Kyler always shows so much concern for his little brother already!!  It's priceless!!!

Thank you again SO MUCH for the support!!  Adoption is so expensive and each little bit helps so much!!  These 130 shirts sold just about cover the homestudy cost!!  GOD BLESS YOU!!!  xoxo!!

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  1. oh, i can't believe you are the family adopting this precious boy..we loved him...he was too cute....and what an amazing story he has...he was so sweet...hoping we get to travel together, kristi