Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's addictive!! Maybe even contagious!!

I tell ya what....I was talking to a friend the other day (through fb) and she made a comment about adoption that hasn't left my mind.  "It's addictive!"  I have thought and thought some more about that small statement.....and it touches my heart to the core!!

You see, she is a mom that has adopted THREE children, already having 3 biological children.  She and her husband know what it does to your heart to bring a child into your family.  To show that child LOVE like they've never known before!  Once you do it, you want to do it again...and again!!!  There is nothing like changing a child's world!

This friend of mine, Angel (the name fits perfectly, by the way!), is a person I have only known for a short time; almost 2 years now.  But I've watched this lady LOVE all 6 of her children and it has amazed me....and possibly inspired me when I didn't even know it!

Her comment about adoption, "It's addictive", is true!!  We have watched the adoption process of my sister's family, adopting 3 Ethiopian children, and now we are on our own adoption journey with Crew, and since then we know of other families who have decided they, too, will be adopting.  PTL!!!  AND, we know a few families who are praying about whether they will adopt. Not only is it addictive, it just may be contagious!!  When you see how it changes lives, not only for the adopted child, but the life of the family adopting, you can only see the love of God pouring out!  

Once you begin the journey, you never look at things the same again!  You never think you need more!  You just don't!  You never think, "is this the right thing or not?"  It is!  Can you even begin to imagine YOUR OWN CHILD alone.  Without food.  Without clean clothes.  Sharing a single bed with one or two other abandoned children.  Dirty.  In need of so much.  Not being loved the way a child needs to be loved!!  Can you imagine that being your child?  That is how God looks at these children.  They are His.  Who will love them if we don't?

I know for a fact it's addictive!!  Now I pray it's contagious!!

If you have a heart to adopt, but the only thing stopping you is the funding, please email me.  We have partnered with World Wide Compassion (WWC) and we want to help others give these children the family they so long for!

And if you have a desire to be a part of WWC, please donate.  It is tax deductible.

John 14:18 "I will not leave you as orphans!  I will come for you!!"



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  1. Having adopted my three wonderful sons, sometimes people ask about the expense. They cringe when I tell them the cost. Some people say that they would like to adopt but it's too expensive. My response is, "if you want something bad enough, you will find a way to get it.". We refinanced our house for our first adoption & have used our tax credit money for the last two. Think of it this way.....instead of getting a new car, we invest in the life of a child......

    Here's praying others catch the bug!! :)