Thursday, January 13, 2011

A mother's HUG

I got a box in the mail today from the adoption agency!  It's full of books and reading materials on adoption and a DVD to watch.  Stuff to answer the many questions I'm sure we will have or have already had.  There is also a little t-shirt for Crew, and a stuffed animal for him.  As I was pulling out each item from the box, thoughts were just pouring out of my head!! Wow!  What a big change is getting ready to take place in this little boy's life!!  I mean, he's an orphan!! Can you imagine not having a mom?  When I say that, I instantly think of my own kids.  I can't imagine not being here for them.  Who would do their laundry?  Who would cook dinner for them and make their school lunches?  Who would run them back and forth to games and school?  Who would tuck them in and pray with them?  Who would HUG THEM....the real hug!!  A mother's hug!!  Even the littlest of those things....if I'm not doing it, who is?

Do you know anybody that doesn't have their mom around?  Do you ever just stop and think about how they feel?  Do you ever wonder if the reason they act a certain way is because she wasn't there to show them the way?  When I think of kids without a mom, it breaks my heart and I just want to be their mom for them!  I just want to hug them, the way a mother hugs!!  I don't want them to think I'm weird, or a creeper, but I want to show them THEY ARE LOVED!  What must God be feeling?  That's got to hurt Him to see His child hurting and lonely! Just aching for that mother's touch!

Being a part of this adoption to bring little Crew to our family has done things to my heart that I didn't know could happen.  We've fed the homeless before.  We've given clothing to the poor before.  We've donated and supported helping others.  But this time we are giving a child a HOME.  A MOM.  A DAD.  SIBLINGS.  If it was your child, wouldn't you want someone to do that for him or her?  I know I would!

Adopting doesn't change the world....but it will change the world for one child!

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  1. Just getting more and more excited to see this little guy enter your lives~
    Love you~!